4 Things You Didn’t Know a Website Could Do for Your Small Business

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How Responsive Web Design Services Can Benefit Your Small Business

It’s easy to think of websites for businesses as somewhat of a given: an automatic aspect of a digital strategy. Almost any time you are interested in a business, you can look them up on Google, find their website, and learn about their brand. Easy peasy.

But as a small business, this is not always the case. For those just getting started, you sometimes do not feel like you have the need or budget for a website. However, responsive web design services are not out of reach for small businesses and can be the key to taking your digital marketing strategy to the next level. That’s why we’re here to break down four ways responsive web design services can help your small business — some ways you’ve never even considered. Using these ideas, you’ll be ready to take the next step in developing a modern, user-friendly web design for your small business.

Responsive Web Design Services Help SEO

Hacking Growth with SEO on Your Website

One of the greatest benefits a website can bring to your small business is SEO, or search engine optimization. When someone tries to find your business or a service your business offers on Google, they type that specific term into the search bar. You want your business to be one of the first search results so that people can find your business and learn about what you do. This can help you gain customers and outperform your competitors.

But here is the deal — if your business does not have a website, you cannot use SEO as a way to help people find your business. Responsive web design services from Rapidly help you hack your growth using various SEO tactics that help people find your business and become long-term customers.

Lead Generation through Your Website

Finding New Customers & Clients with Your Website

If your small business involves having clients of customers forming relationships that last longer than a single in-store visit, it is important to have a way for you to funnel the most-interested people into your sales pipeline. Afterall, the whole key to having a website is having users take valuable actions. How you define this ‘valuable action’ – which can range from purchasing your product, scheduling an appointment, or requesting more information – varies, but should always be considered.

If you are anything like us at Responsively – who look to form lasting connections with our customers that reach beyond a single sale – lead generation is extremely important. Your website has the power to drive interest to a point where you can then capitalize on this traffic. For instance, if someone is interested in your home painting services, you can have them fill out a form for a quote online. Using this information, you now have a lead to a potential client and project. What you do with this lead is up to you, but we highly recommend following up.

Lead generation is not just for quotes. Simply collecting email addresses for a long-term lead strategy like email marketing is a great way to use your website.

A Good Website Can Give You Valuable Analytical Information

Feedback on Who Visits Your Site & What They Do

One of the most valuable aspects of having a website is the analytical information you can receive from it. If you are a small business just getting started or looking to grow, there’s so much value in knowing what your potential customer base looks like. When it comes to branding and marketing, knowing who you are looking to target will help you from throwing money out the window. But how exactly do you find out this kind of information?

Google Analytics is a tool available to anyone with a website that provides valuable insight into your website visitors, where they’re from, how they’re finding your website, and so much more. This information is key so that you can tailor responsive web design services to cater to a specific audience. Google Analytics will be able to tell you how old your audience is, the cities they are viewing you from, and the times when your site traffic spikes (among a variety of other information), allowing you to run ads to those audiences, boosting your digital marketing strategy as a whole.

Using Your Website as a Destination

Responsive Web Design Services Help Your Visitors Accomplish Their Goals

As we mentioned earlier, your website is what visitors need to take valuable actions. A valuable action – such as a signup or call to your business – is the final step in the ‘user journey:’ the steps a site visitor takes through your website. Responsive web design services consider site visitors as every step of the user journey, which can vary from someone learning about your business, a return customer, or someone in between. A solid website can allow you to take control of this user journey and help people take valuable actions on your site.

In the case of online marketing from Facebook and social media, your website is typically the destination. This means that without a website, a variety of online marketing efforts are futile. Your website is at the epicenter of everything your business does online, which is why it is crucial to have a website for your small business. 

Think it is time to start considering responsive web design services for your small business. Get in touch with the experts of web design and digital marketing at Responsively to learn how we can get your online strategy started.

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