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Conversation with a Leader in our industry

As leaders in our industry we love to communicate with other leaders and to hear their stories and intake on what we do in our field.

Yesterday we had the privilege to have a interview with Justin Whittaker and asked him a quick 5 questions which we would love to share with you.

What made you choose the industry you are in today?

“I have been in this industry since high school, as it was something that I just gravitated to, and enjoyed the logical thinking behind website design. There are often problems and solutions that you can figure out easily, which is something I really enjoy.”

What risks do you think are there from your personal experience from not having a website as a business owner?

“If your competitor has a website, then they have a better chance of being found online. Even if you have been around much longer, a customer wants to find someone easily on the internet when doing a search.”

During the state of pandemic, what have you discovered about yourself as a business owner?

“I have found that you need to adapt to what is going on around you. In times like these, you should alter your services to help your customers, especially those that have been supporting you for years.”

If you could redo everything what is the one thing you would have changed as a business owner and why?

“I would have limited the amount of services I offered and try to focus on a few where I can put all my energy into. I used to offer a lot more but I found that I wasn’t able to master each one. Rather focus on what you are good at.”

What advice can you give to a business owner to encourage them not to give up in tough times?

“Be patient. These times are tough but your loyal clients will always support you. Reach out to them and offer a payment plan or provide them with a discount, as a thank you for the support. Clients will appreciate it and you will bring in some extra income. “

Justin answered these questions with accuracy and we totally stand in agreement with him. In times like these it is important to stand together and support each other.

If you would like to get in contact with Justin, Kindly view his website here.

Justin Whittaker
Cell:     083 227 7781

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