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19 Online Business ideas

19 Online Business IDeas

1. Blogger

Blogging is a feasible business opportunity that allows you to choose a niche or role that really suits you. And you can make money through advertising, affiliate links, info products or any number of other opportunities.

2. Virtual Assistant

Businesses and professionals can often use the help of an assistant to manage tasks like email and social media. And you can recommend your services to those clients online as a virtual assistant.

3. Social Media Manager

If you have social media understanding, you can extend your services to brands that want help managing their social media accounts on a daily basis.

4. eBook Author

If you have a passion for writing, then this is perfect for you. If you have a book idea in mind, you can write your own eBook and get it published on online platforms like Amazon.

5. Online Course Creator

You can also share your knowledge and expertise with people online by creating your own courses and selling them on your website or email list.

6. Business Coach

If you have a reasonable amount of business knowhow, you can propose consulting or coaching services to clients and connect with them via email or video chat apps like Skype.

7. SEO Consultant

You can also offer a more focussed type of service like SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )  for businesses that want to advance the chances of their websites showing up in search results. Find out how to do SEO here

8. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate programs give you the chance to earn money online by posting links to various products and services and then receiving a share of each sale that you refer.

9. eBay Seller

If you want to sell real products, you can really easily set up an online store on platforms like eBay and sell a variety of different products.

10. Web Designer

If you have some design ability and knowledge about websites, you can recommend your services to clients as a web designer. If you do not know how to design a website you can sign up as an affiliate here and earn a 25% commission when selling one of our websites.

11. Graphic Designer

Or you can offer some less practical design services but still communicate with and entice clients online as a graphic designer.

12. Domain Reseller

Everyone who wants to start their own website first needs a domain. That means they need to buy that domain from somewhere. So, you can build a business by purchasing domains and selling them.

13. Freelance Writer

For those who want to start a writing business without starting your own blog, you can offer your writing skills to outside clients as a freelancer.

14. Online Advertising Specialist

If you’ve got some knowledge about online advertising options, you can offer your services to businesses that want to use online ads to promote their offerings.

15. Proof-reader

You can build a business as a proof-reader or editor for several businesses, authors and other clients who want to send you their work online.

16. Stock Photographer

If you want to create a photography business that’s mostly online, you can take photos and then sell them on stock photo websites.

17. Website Copywriter

Another possible writing business opportunity, copywriters help businesses create the copy for their websites. This is also known as content writers.

18. Marketing Consultant

If you’re an knowledgeable marketer, you can also recommend services to businesses that want help creating and carrying out their online marketing strategies.

19. Researcher

There are plenty of openings out there for researchers to recommend services to writers, businesses and other clients online.


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